about-image1 Like a wildflower needs sunshine and water to grow, I need my daily Yoga practice.

I encourage my students to practice every day, even if they can’t make it to their mat. Learning to “Yoga” off our mats is essential for peace of mind and peace on earth.
Our physical bodies, thoughts and emotions are constantly changing, therefore we can’t always deliver to our”ego’s” highest standard. Our yoga mat is not a magic carpet ride. It is hard work and requires inquiry of self. It is a place where the veil comes off, where we create true change and growth.

My hope for us all is to find balance between effort and effortlessness. Learning to feel the power in surrendering. I hope to INSPIRE, CHALLENGE, and ENCOURAGE kindness, contentment and acceptance to whatever presents itself on our mat so we can continue practicing for many years, learning to evolve our practice as we evolve, in order to live healthier more vibrant versions of ourselves. Sprinkle some yoga in your daily routine and watch your garden grow:)



January 2013 200 RYT Intensive TT with James Brown, American Yoga School, Santa Monica California
February 2014 2 day Power Flow Workshop with Bryan Kest from Bryan Kest Power Yoga in Santa Monica CA, Empowered Yoga ,Leduc,AB
August 2014 100 hr Advanced TT with Annie Carpenter(Abhyasa), SmartFlow Yoga, Santa Monica California
September 2014 30hr Holistic Yoga Flow with Travis Elliot, Calgary Aberta
October 2014 2 day Yoga as Medicine training with Tiffany Cruikshank, Empowered Yoga, Leduc
March 2015 100hr Advanced TT with Annie Carpenter(Vairagya), SmartFlow Yoga, Sydney, Australia
May 2016 40hr Advanced Intelligent Yoga Sequencing with Annie Carpenter, SmartFlow Yoga, Crete, Greece
June 2016 20 hr Online Yoga Anatomy w/Jason Crandal(RYT) & Paul Roache(MD)
August 2016 10hrs non contact continuing education, Stories of Yoga Poses lead by Noah Maze, YogaMaze online
September 2016 100hr Advanced TT with Annie Carpenter, SmartFlow Yoga(Viveka), Hollywood, California
July 2016 – Present Yoga Awakening by Seane Corn